Getting Around Little Rock

When coming into Little Rock, Arkansas, one of the more affordable ways of getting into the city would be to take a train. The Amtrak train service operates several trains a day out of the Little Rock area. The city is located on the Texas Eagle train line, which runs from Chicago, Illinois, all the way down to San Antonio, Texas. By taking the Amtrak, a traveler could ultimately connect to almost any major city in the United States. All trains depart from Little Rock Amtrak Station, which is near the city center.

Another option for getting into the city would be to take advantage of the Greyhound Bus Lines, a national bus line. Using this bus line, a traveler could connect directly to several other cities including Dallas, Houston, Memphis, and St Louis. Another regional bus line, Jefferson Lines, operates buses to and from several cities in the Midwest including Fort Smith, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City.

For people coming from further distances, the fastest way of getting into Little Rock would be to fly. Little Rock National Airport is a regional airport that is located just outside of the central business district. Each year over 165,000 flights and over 2.2 million passengers fly in and out of the airport each year. A few major airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and US Airways, operate daily flights in and out of the airport each day. Daily direct flights are available to and from several cities including Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, and Houston.

Those that are looking to drive into Little Rock will find that it is a convenient city to get to. Several major roadways, including I-40, I-30, and I-530, all run through the city. Several major cities are located within a reasonable drive of Little Rock. Drivers could get to Memphis, Tennessee, within about four hours, Oklahoma City within five hours, and Dallas, Texas, within about six hours.

Once inside the city, there are a few public transportation options including buses and a streetcar system. All of the public transportation in the city is operated by the Central Arkansas Transit Authority. There are a total of 24 different bus routes, which run all around the city, and one streetcar, which runs largely through the central business district. Over 30,000 passengers use the bus or streetcar systems on a daily basis.